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Heading to the beach can bring imagery of relaxation on the sand but the truth is quite a bit of planning needs to go into your beach trip. There are some essential beach items that if you don’t have with you can really make or break your trip. If you are wondering what to take to the beach, read below and we got you covered with all the tried and true must have beach essentials! 

Below I will share the must haves that you simply can’t go to the beach without and also the nice to haves that are essential but can definitely make your beach trip more enjoyable. Lastly, I will share some bonus items that aren’t necessary but sure are fun!

Life’s a beach, enjoy the waves.

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The Beach Essentials

Now first things first, below are the items you don’t want to go to the beach without. Just don’t do it. You will miserable, hot, burned, and grumpy. Trust me! These items make for an enjoyable day at the beach.


I know this can seem pretty obvious but it is easy to forget to add it to your beach bag and then you will be in a world of hurt. Literally. So when packing for the beach, the number one item to pack is sunscreen. Now not all sunscreen is created equal. I thought I would share my favorites. If I will be at all swimming in the ocean then I always make sure to get reef safe sunscreen like this or this.

If I won’t be swimming in the sea but plan on just hanging on the beach, I really love Coola product. I use this one all the time and this new makeup set sunscreen spray I am so excited about.


what to take to the beach


Staying out of the scorching sun is going to be vital to your enjoyment at the beach. For couple I love this one as it always you to tilt it to give you the best coverage.

For families I love beach tent umbrellas like this one. They are large and allow the little ones to nap if needed or just get a respite from the sun.

Beach Bag

A beach bag is another obvious one but the key is to finding a bag that is practical and has the storage for what you need. This one is huge carrying 4 beach towels and so much more.

For families this mesh one has so many different compartments are great for all the things needed with small kids.

For a more stylish option I love this one.

what to take to the beach beach bag

Collapsible Cooler

A collapsible cooler is a must. Save yourself from having to lug around a hard sided cooler across the beach which we all know is no fun. A collapsible cooler will keep your snacks, lunch, and drinks cool and then when you are done you just pop it shut. It is also nice to travel with as it doesn’t take up much room. So if you are flying to your beach destination then these are perfect!

I love this one for families as it is is larger and this smaller one for couples. I like to fill mine with some good beer and snacks while I tend to use this reusable water bottle for my water.

Beach Blanket

I love using a beach blanket. That way you can use your towels for actually drying off without getting sand all over where you are relaxing. This one is amazing. It is huge but compact so it folds up into a tiny bag for easy transporting. It also comes with a dry bag for your wallet, phone, keys, etc.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is always a good idea to have when your are outdoors. Cuts and scraps from rocks, shells and other things can put a damper on your beach day. This is a great choice as it is small, compact but loaded with every thing you might need.

I also like to bring some tylenol and some chapstick. A headache at the beach is going to ruin your trip so it is better to be prepared. Lips are easily burned and dry out while at the beach so it is nice to make sure you pack some along with you.

The Nice to Have Beach Items


I love having chairs at the beach. Relaxing under the umbrella with your feet in the sand. It doesn’t get much better. My favorite beach chairs that are both comfortable and easy to move around are these.

You can just throw them on your back like a backpack. They also allow for 8 different inclines so you can find your perfect relaxation position.


Beach chairs on beach women

Water Shoes

Water shoes are nice to have especially if you are going to be at a beach that is rocky. This is going to prevent you from getting scraped. These ones are great as they feel like you’re not wearing shoes as they conform to your foot more like socks.

Baby Powder

Now if you are wondering why the heck I would be telling you to pack baby powder to the beach then you are in for a great tip. Baby powder is like magic at getting rid of unwanted sand. Pour some of it on you and rub it in and the sand will fall right off, leaving your car free from all the extra sand and you a lot more comfortable.

This trick is especially helpful with kids who hate the feeling of sand all over their bodies. I love this travel size to bring to the beach.

Dry Bag

A dry bag is always a good idea when heading to the beach. It is a great way to keep things from getting ruined that can’t wet such as your first aid kit, your wallet, and phone. This one is awesome and comes with an extra waterproof bag just for your phone.

Fun Items to take to the beach

Underwater Camera

An underwater camera can be so much fun. Take pictures while snorkeling at the sea life or takes some selfies with this pocket size and affordable underwater camera. For those more serious in their underwater adventures then you can’t go wrong with this Go-Pro waterproof camera.


woman snorkeling underwater

Snorkel Set

Take your beach trip to the next level by packing some snorkel gear. Snorkeling opens the ocean up to a whole new experience. This is a great set that has all that you would need to snorkel.

Portable Speaker

Bringing along a bluetooth portable speaker can make your beach day even more fun by being able to listen to your favorite music. This one is a great size while still providing great sound.

Beach Toys

Beach toys can add something extra to your beach trip. For kids pack along your typical shovels and pails, this is a great set with everything you need.

For adult try this badminton game or try floating on one of these tubes.

what to take to the beach

If you are wondering what to take to the beach, I hope this list has helped you. Making sure you at least pack the essentials you will have a day full of fun. The trick to packing for the beach is to not bring too much to carry and take make sure the things you are bringing are as compact and easy to carry at possible.

Click here for more packing tips  or to download our free packing list to print click here.



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    July 5, 2019

    Omgg you just reminded me that I need to look for a beach umbrella! I hate when theres no shade!

  • denise

    July 6, 2019

    can’t wait for all those beach days! Great list 🙂


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