Shopping for the best unique travel gifts for the travel addict in your life? I have complied this unique travel gift guide featuring some of our favorite travel essentials that will be perfect for someone going traveling!

Gift Guide for Travelers

These travel essentials are the perfect gift for the travel lover in your life! All these products have been used by us on our traveling adventures. I hope this unique travel gift guide helps you find the perfect gift!

This blog post contains affiliate links from Amazon. If you use them, I might be rewarded credit or a commission of the sale. Please note that I only recommend tools that I personally use and love and I always have my readers’ best interest at heart.

This water bottle is great for travel because it keeps your water cold and also help eliminate wasting water bottles. I use this water bottle everyday so you don’t just have to use it on your vacations.

I also recommend getting the Hydroflask straw lid and waterbottle boot to protect the bottom and prevent denting.

These plug adapters are perfect to have on your international trips because they are small. I love this one because it has multiple USB connectors for all your gear.

(Available in multiple colors)

This passport holder is available in multiple colors and features a few slots of credit cards and money, as well as your passport.

Travel Packing Cubes changed my life when it came to packing. It’s so much easier to be organized when packing and unpacking with the cubes.

I’ve tried alot of travel pillows and this is my favorite! Your neck stays in a better position while trying to sleep and the fleece is so comfy! Perfect for international trips on long haul flights.

I actually received this as a gift last year and I loved scratching off my travels and now displaying for others to see and be inspired to travel.


Super small to pack along in your suitcase to avoid overweight fees when packing home those souvenirs.

Not only do these sound amazing, they actually help eliminate the noisy airplane and allow you to literally cancel out the noise around you so you can sleep.

I LOVE this bag so much! I can fit all my toiletry items along and I love how it folds down so you don’t have to go digging for the items. It also has pockets on the inside to items such as floss, cotton balls, etc. It washes in the machine if you ever get toothpaste on it and for a price of less than $10 for 2!

Soft, silicone travel containers are perfect for filling with your shampoo and body wash. They are carry-on approved for flights.

We love to bring home beer while on our travels. These bags are the perfect option for safely packing your bottles of beer (or wine) in your checked baggage.

These were my favorite travel essentials and hope you found the perfect and unique travel gifts for travel addict (or yourself!)

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