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Montana’s probably not the state that comes to mind when you think of craft beer but according to the Brewers Association the state has the 3rd highest number of craft breweries per capita in the US. So there’s a lot to choose from. You might be wondering which are the best breweries in Missoula, I am going to share my top 5 with you!

best breweries in missoula
missoula breweries


KettleHouse Brewing There are several locations of KettleHouse nearby but regardless of which you choose you're likely to find their award-winning beer, Cold Smoke. A favorite, this beer is a traditional Scottish Ale with just a hint of smoke and coffee. A nice start to our beer tour.
DraughtWorks With a spacious patio and a good selection of beer, Draught Works was an absolute-must for us while in Missoula. Their Mae West Huckleberry Sour had just enough pucker and sweetness to leave a lasting memory of our visit. If you prefer a darker style, try the Last Rites Porter. Made with Mexican Chocolate, it smells like Mexican hot-chocolate and tastes even better.
Tamarack Brewing Any good bar crawl is bound to leave you hungry, and fortunately Tamarack proved to be a great place to have lunch. Along with a selection of beer, Tamarack makes delicious pizza that pairs nicely with their Rye Sally Rye Pale Ale. Of course, don't forget to save some room for dessert because you have to try their Vanilla Bourbon Stout (seasonal), ideally with a sweet dish after the main course.
Big Sky Easily the most recognizable brewery in Montana, Big Sky not only distributes their beer across the country but their outdoor venue hosts a number of summer concerts blending good music with great beer. Their Moose Drool and Summer Honey can be picked up just about anywhere across the U.S. Of course, it tastes even better when you're jamming out to Modest Mouse on stage.
Bayern Brewing Easily my favorite on this list is Bayern Brewing. Founded by a German immigrant in the 1980s, the brewery has mastered the art of German-style beer. After sampling a few of their beers, we loaded up our truck with boxes of Dragon's Breath (their dark Heffeweizen lager) to take home with us along with a few of their Oktoberfest (seasonal of course). If you happen to miss the Oktoberfest, try their Pilsener. It's crisp, smooth, and crafted in a way that makes you reconsider any bias you may have against Pilseners. Really though, you have to try it.

The ideal college town, with a gorgeous backdrop of the mountains, Missoula makes for an easy weekend getaway of music, beer, and fresh air. The craft beer won’t disappoint at the best breweries in Missoula. Just be sure that you make space to take some beer back home.

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Top breweries in Missoula Montana


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