Hydrangeas in Sao Miguel

Sao Miguel, Azores has so many options to see and adventures awaiting! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again that Sao Miguel is truly one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited. When planning your trip it can be hard to narrow down the top best things to do in Sao Miguel.

Here is a list we’ve complied of our favorite things we did (or missed!) so you can maximize your time on this beautiful island. For a 5 day Sao Miguel Itinerary head here.

Sao Miguel is an adventure seeker’s dream

When researching my trip to Sao Miguel, I felt overwhelmed trying to find the must do items on this island. After spending 5 days in Sao Miguel, I have several recommendations on what you shouldn’t miss while you are visiting.

Top 10 Adventures in the Sao Miguel

Sete Cidades These lakes were by far my favorite part of our trip. We visited this region of the island on our last day of the trip and we definitely saved the best for last. It is important to see Sete Cidades on a clear day for the best view. There is limited parking available for the viewpoints, so I recommend parking in the overflow parking (during peak seasons) and walk the road because you will then be able to enjoy the views and also get some great pictures. Also don’t forget to stop at Boca de Inferno to see the most amazing viewpoint in Azores. We actually parked at the road and walked but there is a parking lot down the road if you are pressed for time. Boca de Inferno is a small hike from this parking lot. If you get up there and it’s cloudy just be patient and clouds will eventually break!
Sao Miguel, Azores itinerary
Sete Cidades
Logoa do Fogo When visiting Logoa do Fogo, we recommend you hike down to the shoreline and have a picnic (and a beer, of course!). The trail is fairly steep on your way back as you're literally hiking straight down and up the hill. When viewing the lake, there are several pull out spots along the road. I recommend stopping at each one because you get a completely different perspective as well as other views of the island.
Salto de Prego My favorite waterfall in Sao Miguel! This moderate 3 mile hike is a steep climb but worth the result. Once you get to the waterfall, take a dip! I recommend hiking shoes and bringing your water shoes to avoid the slippery rocks & microfiber towel to dry off. Take the trail above the falls to explore the stream and a great view over the waterfall. This would be a great place for a picnic as well.
Lagoa do Congro We didn’t mention this one in our 5 day itinerary but we think its one of our top 10 spots. It is not as traveled location, but only 20 minutes from Furnas, so it can be off the beaten path. This short hike takes you to a beautiful secluded green lake surrounded by lush forests. Look closer and you will see some small waterfalls! We have read that this location is weather dependent and because you access it on a dirt road. With this in mind, plan your visit only if its been dry and obviously not raining that day.
Islet of Vila Franca do Campo This is actually something we didn’t do but it is worth mentioning so you can avoid missing it like we did. The islet can only be visited during the high season, between June and September. A special boat service takes passengers from Vila Franca to the islet on a daily basis, but reservations are required. The crystal clear waters and beach are excellent for sunbathing, swimming, diving and snorkeling. Reservations cannot be made ahead of time and you need to go down to Ponta Delgado very early in the morning to purchase tickets. By the time we arrived, the tickets had already been sold for the day. For this reason, I will be making another trip back to this island just to do this!
Best things to do in Sao Miguel

Islet of Vila Franca do Campo

Enjoy the drive & smell the flowers I have said it before in my Sao Miguel posts, but I honestly can't believe the beauty of this island. I love adventures but I also love the downtime of stopping at various viewpoints and literally taking time to stop and smell the hydrangeas. With so much to see in Sao Miguel, we really recommend slowing down sometimes.
Logoa do Furnas Enjoy the beauty that the town of Furnas has to offer but stop to see the flat view of the lake and to see where restaurants are cooking up the Stew in the earth. You can walk around the Lagao de Furnas but I recommend saving your time for other things in the area, like the Pico do Ferro viewpoint. Like any viewpoint, if its cloudy when you're there just be patient because the clouds would blow over so you can get that perfect view!
Terra Nostra Thermal Spring At first glance, you wonder why you would want to get into an orange colored body of water? I thought the same thing, especially in the dark! Originally built in 1870, the thermal spring pool was enlarged in 1930s. The thermal spring keeps the pool, at a temperature of between 94-105 degrees F and the iron rich water provides the orange coloring. WIth the temperatures so hot in the day, we recommend going off season or waiting until the sun goes down so you can actually spend some time in hot bath. We stayed at the Terra Nostra Hotel which allows you to have access to the pool after it closes to the public. They also provide you towels and robes, but be sure to wear a swimsuit you don’t care about as the water will stain.
Sunset at Mosteiros Beach I love sunsets and enjoy ending my trips in destinations where I can see this spectacular view and reflect on my wonderful trip. I highly recommend you do the same!
Sao Miguel itinerary

Sunset at Mosteiros Beach

Things to do in Sao Miguel

Terra Nostra Thermal Pool

Sao Miguel is a dream location for hikers and I hope this list helps you narrow down the best things to do in Sao Miguel so you can have an amazing vacation! Make sure you check out our Top Hikes you won’t want to miss while in Sao Miguel!

For more a complete Sao Miguel Destination Guide head here.

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things to do in Sao Miguel

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