Delicate Arch things to do in Moab with kids

Moab, Utah is home to Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park with insane landscapes and some of the most recognizable landmarks in the United States such as Delicate Arch. With so many fun things to do in Moab with kids, If it isn’t on your family bucket list then it should be.

Kids and adults will absolutely love all the fun hikes and activities that Moab has to offer. My kids list Moab as one of their favorite places we have ever been and can’t wait to go back. There are so many things to do in Moab with kids, I am going to share the best ones that will guarantee for a great vacation for the whole family!

These activities were things we did with my kids ages, 2-8. So the activities I am listing are really perfect for the entire family.

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Kids in Moab, Utah
Moab, Utah red rocks

Top 10 Best Things to Do in Moab, Utah With Kids

1. Delicate Arch-

This one needs to be included in any list of top things to do in Moab because it is absolutely breathtaking. Delicate Arch is one of the things every person should see in their life time. It is that great.

This hike is listed as moderately hard so I can understand hesitation of bringing kids on it. However, even though it is difficult using these hiking with kids tips and a good baby or toddler hiking backpack I think it is totally doable. My young kids were able to do it just fine.

Be sure to bring enough water and snacks and good hiking backpack to carry all, we really love this one. My kids listed this as the best thing we did while we were in Moab, so don’t miss it!

Things to do in Moab- delicate arch

2. Moab Giants

Moab Giants Dinosaur things to do in Moab with kids


Moab Giants was a hit for the whole family. Even us adults thought it was awesome. This is attraction has an outdoor trail with the beautiful red rocks scenery of Moab as a backdrop. Walk around and explore with 100 life-size dinosaurs, a 5D PaleoAquarium, Tracks Museum, 3D Theater, Dig-it-out Sites, Playground and more.

Grab a dinosaur egg wagon and head on your Jurassic adventure. You could spend several hours here, I would suggest going in the morning or later afternoon to beat the heat as there is no shade.

Kids and adults alike will have a blast taking pictures in front of the dinosaurs.


Moab Dinosaurs

3. Sand Dune Arch

Things to do in Moab sand dune arch

This is a 0.3 mile trail located in Arches National Park that ends with a unique arch. But what the kids loved most about this trail is it is basically like an amazing red sand box nestled between two huge rock formations.

They easily could have spent most of the day playing in the super soft sand. And being nestled between the rock provided some shade which is always welcomed in the desert heat.


4. Junior Ranger Program

Every National Park has a unique Junior Ranger Program. They are such a fun way to have your kids learn about the park in a hands on way and to stay engaged on your trip.

All you need to do is go to the visitor center at Arches National Park and ask for the Junior Ranger booklet. During your stay, your child will do different activities and fill in the booklet.

At the end of your trip, they turn it in and have an actual ranger swear them in and they get their very own ranger badge. It is a super fun thing for kids!

Junior Ranger Program Arches National Park

5. Balanced Rock

Balanced Rock trail takes you on a short loop to one of the most recognizable landmark at Arches. The name pretty much sums it up, with a giant rock balancing on narrow stone pedestal.

This is a short and fun hike that even the youngest of toddlers could walk. It is really impressive to see up close and don’t be surprised if you see some lizards and other desert wildlife. We saw a jack rabbit and a raven when we went.

balanced rock in Arches National Park

6. Star Gazing

If you can swing the later bedtime with your kids then star gazing is a must. Arches National Park in Moab has some of the darkest skies in the Southwest which makes for absolutely amazing star gazing.

While we were there we were able to see a blue moon which was super impressive. Some good places for star gazing are Panorama Point and Garden of Eden Viewpoint.

Blue Moon Arches National Park

7. Landscape Arch

Landscape Arch in Arches National Park


This is 1.9 mile hike that is fairly easy with great views that ends in the largest arch called Landscape Arch. This is a must see as they say it is at the end of it’s life cycle and may fall at any time and be there no more. So don’t miss your chance to see it.

At the beginning of the trail, is a cool hill of sand that is super fun for the kids to play and roll down. So spend some time playing here.

Sand and kids at Arches National park things to do

8. Moab Rock Shop

This is a cool and unique thing to do while staying in Moab. This shop has a vast collection of all types of rocks and fossils at great prices. Spend some time looking through them and they make great affordable souvenirs. You will find dinosaur fossils, petrified wood, polished rocks, crystals, and more.

Kids looking at rock in Moab, Utah

9. Explore the town

There are many different shops and restaurants to enjoy while you are in Moab. You can hit up Moab Trading Post or Crave Moab for gifts and souvenirs both right on Main Street.

Eat at Moab Brewery for some good burgers and a cool environment. Kids also will love the Quesadilla Mobilla food truck.

Antica Forma has great pizza, they get super busy but we ordered take out and brought it back to our hotel. Our kids loved it! The spoke on Center had great food and shakes but the service was super slow.

10. Go to CanyonLands and Dead Horse State Park

While we focused on Arches National Park when we went, Canyonlands is definitely on our bucket list. It is very close, so if you have time for more than one park definitely check it out.

If you want your kids to nap in the car, driving to Dead Horse State Park for the amazing amazing panorama views is something to see!

Dead Hor


Bonus: for the more adventurous take this half day rafting tour down the Colorado River.

Things to do in Moab with kids

I hope by sharing these top things to do in Moab with kids, you will be able to have an amazing trip to Moab, Utah.

Moab really is somewhere everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. It has amazing views, hikes, and experiences that kids and adults alike will love.

Arches National Park is listed on the top of many people’s favorite National Parks and it is not hard to see why.

For where to stay, where to eat, ways to save money, and more go to this Moab Travel Guide.

If you are headed on a National Park road trip, St. George Utah is a great place to stay while visiting Zion’s National Park also in Utah. You  can find my top 10 things to do in St. George with kids here.

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