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Travel insurance

Travel insurance is one of the most important things you can purchase for your trip, especially international travel. It is natural to wonder if it is worth it and I am going to give you 10 reasons to get travel insurance.

We use and trust World Nomads. What we love especially about them is you can get a plan tailored to your travel needs. Travel insurance from is available to people from 140 countries. It covers overseas medical, evacuation, baggage, theft, personal loss, and a range of adventure sports and activities

10 Reasons to Get Travel Insurance

-Lost Luggage-

One of the most frustrating travel experiences is lost or damaged luggage. Not only are left in country without your clothes, personal item but you are also out the cost of replacing all those items and the cost of the luggage itself.

World Nomads insurance reimburses you each day your luggage is delayed. Sometimes you don’t know whether your luggage is lost or just delayed. Either way, World Nomads has you covered.

 -Health Treatment and Evacuation Cover-

It is rare for your health insurance coverage to cover you in a foreign country. Chances are yours doesn’t. So whether you become ill on your trip or you are hurt, World Nomads will cover your medical treatment and if necessary evacuate you to get you home. This is such a vital importance because treatment could end up costing you thousands of dollars or more.


Tourist spots are notorious for scams and pickpocketing. Even when you are prepared theft can happen to anyone. Travel insurance reimburses you for any jewelry, cash, electrical items you may get stolen.

– Cancellation of Connections –

Traveling can become very stressful when you have connecting flights or trains. Travel insurance can help you if you were to miss your connection.

They can cover alternative transport arrangements on to your destination, and will also have a help line that can help you to find accommodation if you are stranded because of a missed connection.

-Cancellation of Trip due to Illness-

You have been planning a once in a lifetime trip and right before you are set to leave, you get sick and are unable to travel. Instead of losing out on all the money you paid to travel, travel insurance can cover the cancellation of your trip.

-Lost Documents-

This is often the biggest nightmare that travelers can encounter, and losing documents can make it very difficult to get home, or even to get through security at the airport.

Good travel insurance will include cover help to replace your documents and to assist you to get home should anything happen to those documents.

Terrorism or Civil War –

Although this is relatively uncommon, if you are traveling to countries that may be at risk of terrorism or are politically unstable, it can be necessary to cancel your travel plans. If this is covered in your policy, then being reimbursed for those journeys that you don’t use can be very useful, and save a big loss on your part.

-Natural Disasters-

Natural disasters not only cause physical harm, they also shut down airports, wipe out accommodation, and cancel trips. Travel insurance will have you covered.

– Assistance with Emergency Prescriptions –

While losing medicine may not leave you needing immediate medical help, filling an emergency prescription is something that many insurance companies will help with if your medicine is lost or stolen abroad. This can definitely help to reduce any stress over getting important medicine replaced.

-Protect your gear-

Traveling with expensive gear such as a camera, laptop, tech, or gear? You can cover these with World Nomads.

There are so many reasons to get travel insurance and there are many affordable plans out there there is really no reason you should risk it. For travel safety tips to head here.

Learn more about World Nomads Insurance and get covered for your next trip or get your free quote here!

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