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Blue skies and deep red rocks of Moab are an absolute breathtaking view! Moab is a central location to stay when visiting Canyonlands National Park and Arches National Park. Arches contains the greatest density of natural sandstone arches in the world.  We love visiting Moab for hiking and we’ve listed the top 5 Moab hikes!

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“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”
-Albert Einstein

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Helpful Tips: Moab temperatures are very hot in the months from June-October, sometimes reaching 100 degrees. We enjoy going in April or October when the weather isn’t this hot and you can hike in mid 60 to high 70 degree temperatures. If you do go in the summer, be prepared with lots of water and sunscreen. Especially if you are going to be going on one of the Moab hikes!

We recommend staying in Moab for at least 3 days to take your time enjoying the area and allowing enough time to hike the following trails.

Although they see over one millions visitors each year, Moab is a very small town and accommodations need to booked in advance. Moab has a variety of hotels, Vrbo’s or RV/campgrounds. A great way to visit Moab and the surrounding National Parks is to rent an RV.

Top 5 Must Do Moab Hikes

Delicate Arch This is the arch and the Moab hike that most of us associate with Utah landscape and for good reason. It's on the state of Utah's license plate and it seen as the poster image for Utah National Parks. This hike is located in Arches National Park and is 3 miles roundtrip. The hike is moderately strenuous with a fairly steep walk up the slick rock but the result is breathtaking! I would allow 2-3 hours for this hike. With this arch being one of the most popular hike in Arches, it not only gets crowded on the trail but it can be difficult to find parking. It is more crowded in the later afternoon because of the sun angle for photos. I’d also recommend skipping the delicate arch view points if you do this hike.
Corona Arch This beautiful arch is often missed by visitors in Moab because it is not located in Arches National Park. It is located just 20 minute scenic drive from Moab winding the Colorado River. The parking lot is small at this arch which leads you to the start of the 3 mile roundtrip trail over some railroad tracks. There are a few technical areas on the trail where you have to use some chains and climb a ladder to get to a higher area of the trail. I am terrified of heights and have no problem with this area if you are weary of doing this hike. You can view the arch from afar but walk around and get a glimpse of the 140 ft span arch. Depending on the time of day, if you are facing the arch from the slickrock ledge across from the arch, there is usually some shade to rest and enjoy a snack. Bonus on this hike you also get to see the Bowtie Arch.
Delicate arch is the best Moab hike

Delicate Arch

Corona arch in Moab, great Moab Hikes

Corona Arch

Landscape Arch This arch is one of the longest natural arches in the world spanning over 300 feet! This 1.6 mile roundtrip trail is an easy hike with packed down red sand. This trail starts at Devil's Garden and there is also a little detour of the trail to see the Pine Tree and Tunnel arches. The Landscape trail is an amazing arch to see! Look closely below the arch for remnants of slab of rocks that fell from the arch in 1991.
Moab hikes in Arches National Park

Landscape Arch

Double O Arch Since you're already planning on hiking to Landscape Arch, you can continue roughly another 1 mile to the Double O Arch. They are on the same trailhead in Devil's Gardens. The trail continues after you've reached Landscape through what's considered primitive trail, although its well marked with cairns. This Moab hike trail however is a bit more difficult as you climb on red rocks with some steep inclines and uneven surfaces but worth the amazing view of the whole area from above! The end result is Double O Arch which is a great place to sit and enjoy some lunch!
Balanced Rock This isn't really a hike, as much of a .3 mile paved stroll around a massive 3500 lb rock that is so perfectly ``balanced.`` Although you can see this from your car on the road, It's worth a stop and getting out to walk the cool rock formation. The view from the car doesn't do rock justice and you really get a perspective of how big is when you standing under it.
Top Moab hikes

Balanced Rock

Moab has so many hikes

Not only does Moab give you a two National Parks to visit nearby, with countless Moab hikes but has many other activities you can enjoy such as rafting, mountain biking, and Jeep off roading. If you are planning on visiting other southern Utah destinations check our our Top 10 Things to do in St George, Utah with kids!

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Top Moab Hikes Delicate Arch

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