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Traveling can be tough on your body especially when you consider you’re throwing off your normal routine with long travel days and eating out every meal. Not to mention the jetlag and dehydration that can occur. It has definitely been a challenge for me in the past to stay healthy while traveling. With these tips we’ll show you how to stay healthy while traveling so that you can feel great on your next adventure! 

“Your body is not a temple. It is an amusement park, enjoy the ride.” -Anthony Bourdain

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Top Tips on How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Now first things first, if you are wondering how to stay healthy on vacation, I’m not going to suggest that you don’t enjoy the delicious food the destination has to offer!

The food (and beer) on vacation is my favorite part of traveling. I want you to enjoy that pizza, chips & guac, Guinness or whatever your hearts desire.

But now I approach my trips with a balance philosophy and it keeps me feeling great yet not deprived. Indulge a bit, but balance it with some healthy options and stay active!

Pack Healthy Snacks

Having some healthy snack options with you can help in moments when you don’t have a healthy meal options or any food options nearby. If I’ve been traveling without snacks and arrive hungry at dinner, I usually over indulge and make bad decisions because I am starving.

Packing snacks along can keep you feeling energized for trip and keep you from overeating. The healthy snacks are important during your flight as well.

Let’s be honest, the airport doesn’t have the healthiest options, nor the best tasting either. Some of my favorite snacks to pack in my carryon and checked bags are:

Protein Bars
Nuts & Dried Fruit
Justin's Nut Butters
Protein Shakes
Beef Jerky
Fresh Vegetables & Fruit
Stay Hydrated

Stay hydrated! It is important to start drinking water prior to leaving on the flight and during, but make sure you increase water intake when you arrive to prevent dehydration.

Dehydration can lead to fatigue and that’s the last way you want to start your vacation. Depending on where you are vacationing, you may not have access to water all the time.

Also check your destination to see is the water is safe to drink beforehand. If it’s safe to drink, then don’t worry about buying bottled water and bring your own bottle for filling. For this reason, we recommend always packing your reusable water bottle.

Our favorite bottle to pack the Hydroflask. It keeps your water nice and cold while on the go.


If I am traveling on a red-eye flight to our new destination I try to get a few hours of sleep on the plane. This way I prefer to stay up when we arrive and go to bed early. I feel it’s easier for me to adjust to the new time zone that way.

By getting enough sleep, you will have more energy and alertness during your trips and you’re less likely to experience fatigue or sickness. If you have troubles sleeping in new places, I suggest taking some melatonin to help you get some rest.

Healthy Breakfast

If I am staying in a hotel with a continental breakfast, I try to choose options that will keep me feeling fueled and not bloated. I opt for a greek yogurt, granola and fresh fruit.

If these items are not available, I always have a protein shake that I’ve packed for these moments when a waffle isn’t the best option.

You could also have oatmeal, fruit or cereal that you’ve purchased at the grocery store to have on hand as well.

Hand Sanitizer

Unless you are visiting a deserted island, chances are you are going to encounter germs. They are everywhere while traveling! Just think of the areas like planes, subways, ATM machines, public restrooms, door knobs, etc.

There is also nothing worse than getting sick while on your trip (or when you return!) I suggest packing sanitizing wipes, as well as portable hand sanitizer on your trip. The wipes are perfect for wiping down your area on the airplane or train.

Call me crazy but I also like to use these to wipe down the counter and door knobs at my hotel. Then I recommend using hand sanitizer often while traveling and touching things, especially before eating. This is also super handy for those surprises in the bathroom with no soap!

Cook some of your meals

We usually tend to stay in condos with kitchens on our trips so it allows us the opportunity to save a little money and cook some of our meals. Cooking meals on vacation doesn’t need to be complex, some of our favorite to go travel meals are simple.

We love grilling up some meat and veggies and a few side salads from the deli. (Whole Foods always has some great healthy options) Another example is buying local fish if your on an island or coast to enjoy.

Most markets will even have some herbs and seasoning to purchase. By cooking some of your meals, you’ll not only be able to save some money but prepare a few healthy options for balance.

Protect yourself from sun

If you are heading to a beach location sunscreen seems like an obvious choice, but don’t forget to apply every time you’re spending time outdoors.


Also Speaking from experience, n

Stay active

If you work out at home daily, don’t break your habit just because you’re traveling! Try to hit 10,000 steps daily by walking to dinner or talking a stroll on the beach days.

Most hotels have a gym but you can just stay in your room and get some bodyweight exercises in as well.

Staying active doesn’t have to just be in the gym either, If you’re visiting an outdoorsy destination, there are lots of options for exercise activities like hiking, swimming, and biking.


Traveling doesn’t have to leave you feeling unhealthy! We’ve learned that a few simple items to pack goes a long way to staying fit and healthy while you travel. We hope these tips on how to stay healthy while traveling help you on your next trip!

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