Moab Guide – Things to do in Moab Utah

What can I expect from Moab?

Moab, Utah has out of this world landscapes. From the dark red rocks and mountains to the world famous natural sandstone arches, Moab is a must see! Moab is located right next to Arches National Park and is home to a long list of fun things to do and heaven for outdoor enthusiasts. Looking for things to do in Moab? This guide will help you know the top things to do, where to stay, and ways to save money and more!

Moab is one the best places if you love hiking. Here are the top 5 hikes in Moab you won’t want to miss!

Things to See and Do in Moab

Arches National Park
Dead Horse Point State Park
Canyonlands National Park
Moab Giants
Corona Arch
Potash Road
Things to do in Moab- delicate arch
Things to do in Moab- Balanced Rock

Typical Costs When Traveling

Accommodation – Moab and Arches National Park are a very popular camping destination. The spring and fall are the perfect climate for camping but campgrounds do fill up incredibly fast especially in Arches National Park. If you want to snag a campground you may need to reserve one way ahead of time (like 6 months before). Campgrounds in Arches range from $25 a night to $125 a night.

Moab also has tons of hotels ranging in very budget friendly from around $100 a night to mid-range at $250 or so a night.  These also fill up fast, so for the best deals try to book in advance. Staying anywhere in Moab puts you just a few short minute drive to Arches National Park.

Below are some hotel recommendations:

Budget: MainStay Suites Moab is a great option with walking distance to many restaurants and a short drive to the entrance of Arches National Park. Breakfast is included. Starting at $152 USD

Mid range: Best Western Plus Canyonlands Inn comes with a free breakfast with great reviews and a a great location. Starting at $250 USD

Food – If staying in a hotel try to find one that includes breakfast (most do). While hiking or exploring the national or state parks, I suggest packing in lunch and snacks. You are in the desert and especially in the summer it can get scorching hot with little shade. So make sure you have plenty of water on hand and snacks.

For dinner there are many great options. At most of the restaurants you are looking at $15-$20 a person without drinks.  Moab Brewing is a great spot to grab some beer and a burger. Antica Forma is a great pizza place. A popular choice is food trucks, with the Quesadilla Mobilla being the most popular. Pasta Jay’s if you are in the mood for pasta and pizza.

Transportation – For Moab and the surrounding parks you need a car. So if you are not driving your own car on a road trip you will want to rent a car or an RV.

Suggested daily budget –  $75-$150 USD (Note: This is a suggested budget assuming you’re camping, eating out only for dinner and driving your own car. Using the budget tips below, you can always lower this number. However, if you stay in a hotel or eat out more often, expect this to be higher!).

Money Saving Tips

Camp Camping is going to be your cheapest option. Especially if you stay in Moab and not the National Parks, you could find a cheap camp spot.
Don't eat out This isn't hard to do if you're camping but even if you aren't. Eat the hotel breakfast. Hit up the grocery store snacks, lunch, and even cheap dinner options.
Use a reusable water bottle At the Visitor center at Arches National Park they have a water station for you to fill up you reusable water bottles.
Buy a pass If you are going to be visiting a number of National Parks within a year then it is a better deal to pay the year long multi park pass. A pass to just one park for 7 days is $30 and the year pass for multi park is $80.

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Arches National Park

Moab and the surrounding National and State Parks are truly beautiful and something everyone should see at least once in their life. Home to world famous Delicate Arch, Balanced Rock, Landscape Arch and so much more, you really need to see it for yourself. If you looking for things to do in Moab, I hope this guide has helped give a few ideas.

Here are the top 5 hikes in Moab you won’t want to miss!

Things to do in Moab

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