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Terceira is an island in the Azores, located in the Atlantic Ocean and just a short 4.5 hour flight from Boston. The Azores Islands are becoming a new popular destination over the last decade. Sao Miguel is the most known making it the most visited island in the Azores, but Terceira Island is a dreamy location with rolling green fields against blue sky, cow filled pastures, cedar forests and volcanic rock cliffs. Terceira is budget friendly destination and you should consider adding these beautiful islands to your travel bucket list.

Each island offers a different experience since they were each settled at different times offering variety of food, culture and traditions. There are so many amazing things to do in Terceira Azores, check out our Ultimate Guide of things to do in Terceira.

Things to See and Do in Terceira

Angra do Heroismo
Monte Brasil
Serra do Cume
Algar do Carvao
Biscoitos Natural Pools
Mistérios Negros Hike
Praia de Vitoria
Agualva Cliffs

Typical Costs When Traveling

Accommodation – We booked a vacation deal through Azores Getaways which included our accommodations and flight package. We stayed at the 500 year old fort Pousada Angra do Heroismo. It was a great location for walking to nearby Angra for dinner and you have panoramic views from the property of Monte Brasil, Angra and the rolling hills inland.

If you want to stay in main city Angra, I recommend staying at Azoris Angra Garden. Another great area in Terceira to stay is Praia Da Vitoria which also offers great restaurants and a nice beach area. I recommend staying at Atlântida Mar Hotel if you decide to stay in Praia.

Food – Most hotels offer breakfast with your stay which will help with your food budget. We stayed in a hotel that had a restaurant but we found it to be a bit more expensive than walking to nearby Angra town to get dinner. Lunch items were found in restaurants and snack bars and included options like sandwiches and hamburgers for under 10 Euros. I recommend eating at Tasca das Tias in Angra. We actually dined there three times and tried different meals each time. Make sure you try Terceira’s local cuisine, Alcatra, which is a slow cooked beef in clay pot which creates a tender roast with gravy. They serve everything with french fries!  A budget of $30-40 USD per person per day would be sufficient to allow for some nicer meals at dinner with wine.

Transportation – We recommend renting a car to explore Terceira. There are travel companies that offer bus tours but you will be able to see so much more and stay at those viewpoints longer if you are on your own time. We rented a small compact car from Hertz for $250 for the week. With the island only be less than 150 square miles, you can get from one side of the island through the middle highway in under 30 minutes. The only traffic you will experience in Terceira is when the local farmer is moving his cows to another field!

terceira island ocean

Suggested daily budget –  $150-250 USD (Note: This is a suggested Terceira guide budget assuming you’re staying in a moderate hotel with breakfast included, renting compact car, and staying on $40 food budget per person. Using the budget tips below, you can always lower this number. However, if you stay in fancier accommodation or eat out more often, expect this to be higher!)

Money Saving Tips

Book during off season The Azores are a popular destination for Europeans and is most popular in June-September when the weather is less rainy. However the temperatures are moderate year round (50s in winter) and booking during an offseason can save you a significant amount of money. Just pack a raincoat!
Book Travel Packages

We’ve found deals that are so unbelievable that if you don’t book it, you’ll be regretting it. Azores Getaways has packages that include flight and accommodations to Azores from Boston or New York for less than cost of a flight!

Rent a Car There are tour bus options to see the island, but you will pay more money purchasing the tours to see the island than you would if you rented a car. The island is easy to navigate and highways and roads are well maintained so there is no reason to not take your time and enjoy Terceira on your own time!
Pack picnic lunches Stop by the grocery store and purchase some local cheese, crackers, meats and wine for a picnic! There are picnic areas all over the island so stop and enjoy your lunch by a lake, cliffside, or in the forest.

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My Must Have Items for Terceira

Ultimate Guide of Things to do in Terceira Azores

Terceira Island or "The Third Island" is one of the nine islands in the Azores archipelago which is located in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. Each island offers a different experience since they were each settled at different [...]

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