Isle of Skye Travel Guide


Isle of Skye is a must see in Scotland! It is such a beautiful place that isn’t as busy as your usual tourist destinations. Using this Isle of Skye Travel Guide you will be able to find ways to save money and have an great vacation!

With so much to see and do in Scotland, check out our 3 day Isle of Skye itinerary to help you plan your trip.

Things to See and Do in Isle of Skye

Glenfinnan Viaduct & Monument
Dunvegan Castle
Coral Beach
Neist Point
Fairy Pools
Man of Storr
Kiltrock Viewpoint
Eileen Donan Castle

Typical Costs When Traveling

AccommodationsBook your hotels well in advance, especially in the high season of summer. We booked a cute cottage in Broadford through VRBO which was a perfect central location for the Isle of Skye trip. We really enjoyed having space in a rental for relaxing after our adventures and we cooked in our place every night. Another good location for lodging is Portree. Here are some hotel recommendations for every budget.

Budget: Lighthouse Cottage (Shared Bathroom) – Under $100 per night option that is located in the northern part of the Isle.

Midrange: Edinbane Lodge – Although not located in Portree, it’s just 13 miles from the town but centrally located to all the destinations in Isle of Skye.

Luxury: Cuillin Hills Hotel – Beautiful grounds with amazing views. This hotel is one of the top-rated locations in Portree.

Food – We didn’t dine out much in the Isle of Skye because we were in remote locations. Instead we opted to pack lunches and snacks to enjoy on our hikes and cooked our breakfast and dinner at our rental in the evening. If you like to dine out, Portree is the largest town in the Isle of Skye and has a variety of restaurants.

TransportationRenting a car is a must for Isle of Skye. In fact, you will have to rent a car to even get to Isle of Skye. You will be driving to rural locations and public transportation was nonexistent. The roads are narrow on the Isle of Skye with most of them being single lane roads with special passing areas every few hundred meters. Don’t let this deter you from going places, just be cautious and courteous to other drivers. The proper pull over etiquette is the car closest to the turn-off pulls over first.


Suggested daily budget$250-350 USD (Note: This is a suggested Isle of Skye guide budget assuming you’re staying in a moderate hotel, renting compact car, and staying on $40 food budget per person. Using the budget tips below, you can always lower this number. However, if you stay in fancier accommodation or eat out more often, expect this to be higher!)

Money Saving Tips

Book during Off-Season Summer is the busiest travel times for Isle of Skye, however if you don't mind a little rain than you can save some money (and crowds) by booking during the off season.
Look for Travel Packages

We love finding travel deals and one of our favorite places to find them is Travelzoo. Isle of Skye can be visited with a short drive from Inverness, Glasglow or Edinburgh so look for any Scotland deals.

Cook your meals & pack lunches This will be your best option to save money while visiting Scotland. We suggest packing lunches for hikes and cooking dinner at VRBO. You can pack a collapsible cooler in your luggage for lunch, drinks and snacks.
Everything worth seeing is free All the sights and scenery in the Isle of Skye are free to see and enjoy! As always, we recommend recycling and always leave it as you found it (or better).

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My Must Have Items to Pack to Scotland

Some of my recommendations to pack for Isle of Skye.

Tips: Book your accommodations well in advance, especially in the high season of summer. We booked a cute cottage in Breakish which was a perfect central location for  the the Isle of Skye trip. I loved this little remote location with tons of space and no neighbors (which was nice after spending a week in busy London!) We really enjoyed relaxing after our adventures and we cooked in our place every night. Another good location for lodging is Portree.

3 Day Isle of Skye Itinerary – Top things to do

Scotland has always been a bucket list item for me and last summer we took 2 weeks to visit London, Bath and Scotland. After spending a few days in Edinburgh we headed to Isle of Skye and it was the [...]

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